Monday, November 15, 2010


We’re searching but not finding,
A love misleading and blinding,
Clothes seem to make the man,
And money makes the hoes,
so what happens when the account’s empty,
And you’ve worn down your shoe soles,
Or ladies what happens when you give it up,
Does he love you forever or were you a quick fuck?
A one night stand and you gotta a child now,
A one night stand and he don’t wanna be a dad now,
Funny ain’t it, how loves changes so damn quickly,
One minute you’re together, the next you’re not with me,
Funny ain’t it, how if you ain’t handing out dead presidents,
All your faithful hoes find some new residents,
And it’s too fucking hilarious when you just won’t fuck,
Think he’ll be with you tomorrow? You shit outta luck,

I would tell you don’t give up there are more to come,
I would tell you that the next person might be the one,
I might let it slip that there are other fish in the sea,
And just keep hoping, but as for me,
I’m through with whole laugh life love thing,
And I’m chunking up the deuces like Chris Brown sings,

Cuz if I remember correctly his name was - - - - - -,
My love for him felt like heaven but the way he treated me was like hell,
I went outta my way for him hell, I even took HIM to prom,
Which I thought would fix our love gone wrong,
It didn’t it just made my heartbreak worse,
It made me feel like I couldn’t break through this curse,
To love but not be loved well, to care and not get the same in return
I assume that's why they call it lessons learned.

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